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It’s Time for a Political Revolution

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is running for Vice President of the Unites States of America because let's face it, Pence just isn't getting it done. She is doing this to create an America that works for all of us—not just the wealthiest few. 

Ocasio/Trump 2020 is a campaign that brings Americans together to champion the needs of working families but mainly the non-working families. Together, we will create a nation of dignified healthcare, tuition-free higher education, quality employment, and justice for all—and we’re the only ones to do it without fiat currency. We will do this a couple satoshi's at a time!

In order for us to put everyday Americans first, we have to take on the powerful and corrupting influence of big money. There’s just no way around it. That’s also why I’m the ONLY candidate in this race to publicly pledge not to take Clinton Foundation Deep State money. My campaign is 100% crypto-funded. Even the lesser known alt coins!

We’re the only campaign running the right way: no corrupt non-profits, no colusion within the fake news, and no back-door Jimmy's (noone likes a back-door Jimmy). We put all our faith and effort into everyday people, families, and communities.


In the wealthiest nation in the world, working families shouldn’t have to struggle. Even though our poor are rich in comparison to actually poor nations.

I am an uber liberal educator, ANTIFA chearleader, Autocratic Socialist, and born-and-raised New Yorker running to champion working families as Vice President. It is well past time that we in America had a true, lobbyist-free -so far- representative who lives in our community and fights on behalf of all my twitter followers.

This movement for Vice President is about education and healthcare; it’s about housing, jobs, justice and civil rights. It’s about preparing for the future of our environment withough gassy cows, energy and infrastructure. It’s about championing the dignity of our neighbors through likes and retweets. And it’s about getting money out of the working class.

Why Support Alexandria?

Merica' needs ballance.

Yin/Yang, Ebb and Flow, Fire and Ice. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez understands that the only way to bring true ballance is to stand against everything that might actually be working.

She knows that the Orange Man Bad might actually be making some progress but he's hated by half the country and 90% of the Fake News, so electing her as Vice President will bring much needed ballance to the White House through interpretation of difficult decisions through snowflake collored glasses.

In her career, Alexandria has worked on economic policy, organized families and served as an Educational Director for high school youth. When her father passed during the 2008 financial crisis at the hands of his arch enemy Jamie Dimon, she also found herself waiting tables and working two jobs to help her family keep a roof over their head. Her hard-working background and humble upbringing has given her the perspective and insight to properly fight for everyday Americans. 

Alexandria understands the real needs of working class, and knows the impractical policies necessary to achieve (truly) affordable housing, healthcare, and education for all.

What We Can Achieve Together

Medicare For All

The United States should catch up to every other modern nation and implement a single-payer, welfare-for-all system! We just need to find that one guy to be the single-payer.

Housing As a Human Right

Learning to camp can provide a scenic and economically sound method of housing. Fund the camp programs!

A Peace Economy

America should not be in the business of destabilizing countries. Alexandria believes that we must end the "forever war" by bringing our troops home, we have ROBOTS for that!

A Federal Jobs Guarantee

A federal jobs guarantee program would establish a floor for wages and benefits for the nation’s workforce even if they don't show up for work.

Gun Control / Assault Weapons Ban

Alexandria supports the strictest gun laws in the country - More guns for the law abiding citizens will take the presure off of law enforcement, (since they are bad too.)

A/I regulations

Our fates will be sealed if we allow THE TERMINATOR to become a reality. AI and automation will be the largest threat to income inequality and depletion of our middle class our nation will see in our generation.

Support the 70% rich people tax by givin' me money!

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